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Gremlins 3 : The War-Part1 :Summer Wars
Chapter 1 -Victim 0


   James John the 12th walked in to the Autopsy room. He been in this business for at least 25 years. He had seen his fair share of gore and disease. He pulled the gloves farther on his hands. He walked over to the Body Lockers.
   A new patient had come in. James opened locker 957. The John Doe looked like he had been strangled. The bruise's on his neck were deep blue with hints of brown. James moved the John Doe to the autopsy table. James had no clue how the John Doe died, all he knew was that he had died at a bar.
  With the corpse ready and James suited up the autopsy began. James took the scalpel and made an incision on the left  shoulder. He cut at an angle down till he got to the breast bone. He did the same with the right. He then cut down the torso until he got to the navel. He made a cut to the right hip and then the left. Just When James was about to open the chest cavity the phone rang.
James walked over to the phone and answered it. "Hello Dr.James speaking."

"Yes hello, This is the state police. We hear you have the corpse of John J. Jackson." The cop on the other line said.

"Well, that can't be right. I...I only have one corpse, and, he's a John Doe." James said.

"That's  our man! We would like him back."

"What ever for?" James asked confused. The police had given him the John Doe for autopsy, now, they wonted him back.

"That's classified information Dr. James." The cop said.

"Now you see here," James said, tone going hard. "I never ,in my 25 years of work, NEVER gave my corpses back until the autopsy is done or without a reason and I intend not to go ageist that rule! Once again good sir 'Why ever for?'"

"Dr. James there's a..."

"Wait..Thought I heard something." James said after a moaning sound shook the air. He placed the phone on the table. He turned around and almost had a heart-attack.
  The John Doe was standing! His eyes wide open and blood,A foul smelling blood, poured out his mouth. James John the 12th stood frozen in place as the corpse ran toward him. Over the phone the cop heard everything that happened;Dr. James yells, the screeching cries of the corpse, and the most horrifying sound, the sound of ripping flesh and braking bones. The cop knew all to well that Dr. James was dead. He hung up the phone and vomited in a trash can next to his desk. When the cop had stopped he looked up at the other cops.
"What happened?" Nancy Clearance asked.

"Yeah, What happened Jake?" Frank Bopp asked also.

Jack Mitch look back down at the trash can. Vomit and paper filled it. Jake looked up again. 'It got him' was the only thing he could say without vomiting once more.

  Nancy ran over to him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry you had to hear all of it." She said, her brown hair blocking Jake's eye site. He had all ways liked her; Nice, kind, a fighter,  the kind of girl he like.

"Is it coming home?" A voiced asked behind Jake and Nancy. They turned around to see FBI Agent Jacob Lee. His hair was shaved off and his suit pressed and black as coal.

"What's coming home?" Jake asked.

"The corpse Son! The corpse!" Agent Jacob said getting madder every second. Jake hated it when Agent Jacob used 'Son' as a substitute.

"It killed Dr. James sir." Jake said nearly vomiting again. Agent Jacob cursed, and told everyone to go home. "Get out of town. By this time tomorrow we will be over run with the undead! Now, GO!"

End of Chapter

PS: sorry it was short and had no Gremlins in it. But there will be Gremlins in the next Chapter.      
Gremlins 3 : The War -part1- ~summer wars~

In 1995 John J. Jackson dies out side a bar of unknown reasons. After he sent to Autopsy the Dr is killed by the dead man. Soon the Earth is covered in the Undead. Years Later Life and Death bring back 6 Gremlins, Will they help kill the virus and the Undead?

I's happy I finally got this on line! Hope it's good!
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ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
Zombies vs Gremlins for the control of the world!
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ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
and you are welcome
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Zombies well take over time~! Neat! Can't Wait for the next chapter!
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Looks pretty good so far. ;)
I await the next chapter.
Darkcat25 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
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